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Latest news of the SiteAnalyzer


More recently, Google has introduced two new link attributes: rel="sponsored" and rel="ugc", which provide webmasters with additional ways... Read more >>


In the version 1.9.2 we adapted the program to 64-bit Windows systems, as well as reduced memory consumption. Along with this, we fixed a lot of accumulated bugs and... Learn more >>


Today we officially launch our channel in the Telegram messenger. The latest news will be quickly posted in this group... Learn more >>


In the version 1.9.1 accelerated procedure of calculating PageRank, fixed bug with incorrect robots.txt rules, speeded up deleting projects from the database... Learn more >>


New article about properly implement JSON-LD (JSON Linked Data) markup for articles with examples in PHP. JSON-LD structured data markup tools and validation services... Read more >>


New article about types of structured data markup for website, description of markup formats for generating rich Google snippets (Schema.org, OpenGraph, JSON-LD, Microformats)... Read more >>


New article on "How Googlebot Distorts Your Website’s Viewing Statistics" about analysis of Google bots that scan the website and their impact on viewing statistics after Googlebot switches to Chromium 74... Read more >>


New article on "Everything about XML Sitemap" about format which is an XML file that includes a list of all website files and is intended for its prompt indexing. An XML sitemap helps... Read more >>


New article on "How to Correctly Write the Description in 2019" about tips on writing the description meta tag for promotional websites, examples of proper description generation for online stores and... Read more >>


In the version 1.9 added the ability to scan a list of arbitrary URLs, added the ability to scan Sitemap.xml files, added selection and copying cell values to the clipboard by Ctrl+A... Learn more >>


New article on "How to Correctly Write Title in 2019" about tips on writing the Title tag for promotional websites, using Emoji in page titles, examples of correct title generation for online stores and... Read more >>


The article section was updated – now it is called a blog: it has become visually more informative, there is an opportunity to vote for the posted materials... Go to Blog >>


In the version 1.8.3 added Dashboard tab that displays a detailed report on the current site optimization quality, added the ability to export technical and SEO statistics of the site to a convenient report in PDF format, for more convenient copying of cells, Shift and Ctrl events are added... Learn more >>


Detailed description of all checked parameters of SEO-audit in the program SiteAnalyzer (SEO Statistics tab) with indication of their criticality and importance... Learn more >>


In the version 1.8.2 added the ability to copy cell values to the clipboard in case of multiple selection of elements, added visualization of loading large projects when starting the program, added the display of the number of pages in folders in the "Site Structure" section... Learn more >>


In the version 1.8.1 are fixed incorrect processing of robots.txt, fixed a bug of incorrect display of external Nofollow links, added the ability to export reports on the installed filters in the site's master data table, as well as on the Info tab... Learn more >>


In the version 1.8 completely redesigned section "SEO statistics" (now SEO-audit identifies over 60 major errors), added the function of calculating internal PageRank for any page of the site... Learn more >>


Added an article that compares the pros and cons of adaptive layout and a mobile site on a subdomain... Learn more >>


In the version 1.7 added the ability to free check the indexing of pages in the Yandex search engine, the ability to pause projects, added the parsing of the tag rel=alternate and the possibility of parsing sites that send data in Gzip format... Learn more >>


Added ability to work with proxy lists (group add, delete, work check), fixed EOutofresourse exception when group scanning sites, when more than 1000 sites in project list... Learn more >>


Added SEO-audit of the site by length title, description, h1-h6, the number of external and internal links and the amount of content, added consideration of restrictions on the maximum number of redirects when parsing the site... Learn more >>


Posted a brief overview and description of the new version of the Site Analyzer 1.6 for a more detailed introduction to program functionality... Learn more >>


In the new version of SiteAnalyzer 1.6 data filtering by any fields is added, technical and SEO statistics of the site are added with the possibility of automatic filtering by data sets, added parsing the Next / Prev and Refresh attributes... Learn more >>


New article on "URI/sec VS Site load speed" about quick test of loading speed of many sites... Read here >>


If you want, you can send your feedback about the work of the SiteAnalyzer program and we will post it on the main page with your photo... Learn more >>


If you use the SiteAnalyzer, you can send the company's website (URL) in which you work and we will place its logo among our customers... Learn more >>


The new version SiteAnalyzer 1.5.1 increases the speed of data export to Excel, as well as the speed of the Sitemap.xml sitemap generation, adds a pie chart showing the percentage of objects on the site, fixed minor bugs... Learn more >>


If you are a regular user of the SiteAnalyzer and you have a positive experience with it – you can send us your feedback about the program and we will post it on the main page of the site https://site-analyzer.ru/ together with your photo, company where you work and a link to the company's website. You can send feedback via Contacts >>


The new version SiteAnalyzer 1.5 increases the speed of parsing websites, added the ability to download reports in Excel, parsing video and documents (Youtube, PDF, AVI, MP3, DOCX, etc.), added highlighting of rows relative to content types, fixed... Learn more >>


We are pleased to announce the opening of the community of users of the SiteAnalyzer program on Facebook! From now on, this is where we will publish all the news and events related to the program, as well as answer your questions and discuss the release of new versions. Goto Facebook >>


The new version increases the speed of parsing sites, added the ability to select the types of analyzed objects (pages, images, styles, scripts), added the ability to select multiple URLs and launch them... Learn more >>


The function of generating the structure of the site from the parsed pages is added, the ability to compare the speed for each site on the chart is added... Learn more >>


In the new version, it became possible to add sites to the list of projects in a batch, added a displaying of the speed of loading data... Learn more >>


The new version adds a limitation of the number of scanned pages of the site, added the ability to scan selected projects, as well as... Learn more >>


In the new version, parsing and displaying headers h1-h6 is added, multilanguage support is added and the dimensions of the left and right panels now can be saved... Learn more >>


In the new version, an information panel with detailed information about the URL of interest has been added, a tab has been added displaying the contents of the meta tag "robots.txt"... Learn more >>


In the new version, the display of hints for cells whose contents were larger than their width was added, the scanning of the project now begins with respect to... Learn more >>


The new version adds the ability to scan Cyrillic domains, corrected the incorrect accounting of the contents of "robots.txt" when scanning a project, added the following directives rel="canonical"... Learn more >>


The version of SiteAnalyzer 1.3 was almost completely rewritten code (90% of the binding), increased the speed of site scanning and data parsing, added multithreading, the ability to work through Proxy... Learn more >>


In version SiteAnalyzer 1.2 fixed incorrect definition TITLE encoding, adds the ability to pause the scan, the display content added "alt" and "title" images... Learn more >>


The new version SiteAnalyzer 1.1 fix bugs that occur when parsing meta tags title, added records ROBOTS.TXT file directives, added generate SITEMAP.XML file, adds the ability to display the "duplicate" pages, meta tags and headers... Learn more >>


The first version of the program "SiteAnalyzer", created for the analysis of the site and to identify errors as his technical optimization, and the correctness of the optimization of its core of SEO-parameters (check availability of title... Learn more >>

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