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A new version of SiteAnalyzer 3.0.5 increased the speed of scanning sites, freezes when scanning «large» sites rich in images have been fixed, added the ability to specify the location of the database file...


Technology and AI have taken over most of the fields in this modern age. One such field is content creation. AI content creation is something that has totally changed the way content creators... Learn more >>


A first version of SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools – browser extension for analyzing content and errors on a website for Chrome and Firefox.


SEO practices such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and identifying traffic volume would be possible if you have the right tools. Below, I have given the list of the 15 most popular... Learn more >>


In this article, we will talk about the optimizing correlation of URLs image with relevant keywords is an important aspect of SEO since it helps search engines understand and... Learn more >>


Hello everyone! Today we are glad to offer you discount promo codes for the purchasing the SiteAnalyzer program on Black Friday available from November 20 to... Learn more >>


Affiliate program from SiteAnalyzer. Today we are going to demonstrate that usage of SiteAnalyzer is not only convenient, but also very profitable!... Learn more >>


In this article, we will share the known 20 ways to get your webpages indexed by Google faster, as well as examples of «working» and «non-working» indexation options at the moment... Learn more >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 3.0 has been released. It's a transition to the paid version of the program. Also, a graph on the top domains and a graph of the distribution of anchors... Learn more >>


Five examples of artificial intelligence (AI) usage upon the OpenAI neural network (GPT-3) with respect to SEO: clustering search queries, determining the degree of commercialization of queries, evaluating the quality of Google E-A-T... Learn more >>


A ticket system has been added to the SiteAnalyzer website in the Personal account to ask questions to the technical support team. Requests for technical support... Learn more >>


If you got a HUGE index and Google at some point is going to suspend indexing URL combinations consider index bloat will BLEED LINK EQUITY... Learn more >>


This article lists over 90 of the most common mistakes in SEO and how to fix them. The main mistakes in SEO promotion... Learn more >>


Materials from the popular foreign SEO consultant Daniel Foley Carter on the correctness of using the Canonical tag, breaking the most popular SEO myths, and outlining his thoughts on working with page quality optimization... Learn more >>


The article discusses page relevance metrics: IR score (Information Retrieval score) and PageRank, as well as their impact on search engine optimization... Learn more >>


Manual link building in 2023 year: advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possibility of scaling... Learn more >>


The 10 most common errors you make when analyzing SEO data. These are quite dangerous for your websites... Learn more >>


TOP SEO specialists & influencers to follow on Linkedin in 2023 by Nadeem Saifi... Learn more >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.9 has been released. It adds the ability to import an URL list into a project, duplicate projects, export a site structure to a MindMap, and create a graph of a site... Learn more >>


New free tool – Proxy Checker, that mass analysis of IPv4 and IPv6 proxy list for availability, as well as getting response time in milliseconds...


In new version of SimpleWebAnalytics 1.2.3, we fixed incorrect data export from Google Search Console to Excel... Learn more >>


Added installer for more convenient installation of SiteAnalyzer on PC... Go to the Download page >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.8 has been released. It adds 6 domain analysis modules, cookie management, export of selected projects to Excel, fixes the issues that could occur during the program registration... Learn more >>


Added the possibility to comment on SiteAnalyzer blog news and articles. To add comments you need authorization on the site... Learn more >>


Fixed a bug where the contents of the Dashboard tab did not change when switching between projects, fixed a bug that occurred when displaying duplicate H1 headings through the context menu... Download >>


The new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.7 is out. We have added personal accounts, White Label reports and a graph node search. H1-H6 duplicates were replaced with H1 duplicates... Learn more >>


In new version of SimpleWebAnalytics 1.2, we adds integration with, added the ability to submit URLs for indexing to Google, added export of all key phrases from Google and Yandex... Learn more >>


We added a new version of the free BatchUniqueChecker software, which adds the ability to check for uniqueness of local HTML and TXT files... Learn more >>


The new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.6 is out. It now supports custom HTTP headers and virtual Robots.txt files. Plenty of different bugs have been fixed... Learn more >>


New free tool – IndexNow URL Submitter, that will help you directly notify Bing and Yandex of website changes without waiting for search bots to crawl your URLs... Learn more >>


The first version of the SimpleWebAnalytics software has been released, designed to analyze website pages and obtain statistics through the API of Google and Yandex analytics systems... Learn more >>


The new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.5 is out. We have added data scraping features, content uniqueness checker, and Google PageSpeed score checker. Plenty of different bugs have been fixed... Learn more >>


Alexander Pavlutsky collected in one post all the points that can give out your PBN network: on most of the points I agree and we go around them when creating our networks of sites... Learn more >>


Our Website Value Calculator will help you determine the cost of a website for free. You can find out how much a website costs approximately automatically online... Learn more >>


Instructions on how to collect semantic kernels for Amazon review product sites from Alexander Pavlutsky... Learn more >>


20 tips from Alexander Pavlutsky on how to choose and purchase dropped domains forarticle websites for Amazon... Learn more >>


Fixed incorrect work with threads in BulkPageSpeed, BatchUniqueChecker and BatchURLScraper software. URL validation errors should be significantly less... Learn more >>


Simple explanation by Dmitry Shakhov on where to look for traffic growth points and SEO of your site... Learn more >>


Detailed guide to extract data from sites (web scraping) with XPath, CSSPath, XQuery, Regex and HTML templates... Learn more >>


In new version of BatchURLScraper 1.3, we expand the number of pages for parsing from 1000 to 5000 URLs, added the ability to use Proxy Servers lists, fixed bug with... Learn more >>


In new version of BatchURLScraper 1.2, we added scraping method through XQuery, optimize HTML code parsing, and module for testing parsing rules has been added... Learn more >>


Article in which we conducted a full comparison of 20 desktop web crawlers, their functionality and speed...


We added free BatchURLScraper software, designed to extract data from site pages using a list of URLs. Parsing and data extraction using XPath, CSSPath and Regex... Learn more >>


We added free BatchUniqueChecker software, designed to check a large number of web pages for duplicate content... Learn more >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.3 released: we added the Page Load Performance graph, added a new Links node on the Custom Filters tab, new Content tab and the incorrect display of H1-H6 subheadings has been fixed... Learn more >>


We added article, describing the purpose and configuration of the BulkPageSpeed software, designed to bulk check page loading speed... Learn more >>


We added free BulkPageSpeed software, designed to mass check the loading speed of site pages through the Google PageSpeed Insights API... Learn more >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.2 released: we added a content search module and internal links chart, when dragging a node of a visualization graph, its child elements are correspondingly dragged together with it... Learn more >>


A new version of SiteAnalyzer 2.1 released: we added the ability to export external links, 404 errors and images together with all the pages that contain them. The new version also includes a bunch of extra features and fixes a massive amount of bugs... Learn more >>


Guide to creating and setting up the right Robots.txt for the site. Description of setting Allow and Disallow site indexing... Learn more >>


The article about how to optimize your crawl budget for Google and Yandex. Crawl budget is the number of pages a search engine bot crawls... Learn more >>


New free tool – Keyword Density Analyzer, that allow analyze competitor sites from TOP-10 Google Search Results for the most popular keywords... Learn more >>


New free tool – Website Page Counter, that allow get the number of indexed pages of your site in the Google search engine... Learn more >>


New free tool – Google SERP Checker, that allow check website positions in Google search engine more than 200 countries... Learn more >>


New free tool – Screenshot Generator, that allow to take a screenshot of the website in two formats: PNG or JPG, Desktop or Mobile... Learn more >>


New free tool – Domain Name Generator, that help create domains in accordance with your keywords. We offer several methods of domain name generation... Learn more >>


Updated the On-Page audit tool for analytics of the your site pages: we added more parameters for analysis and made it more informative. Start using the tool!... Learn more >>


The article about disabling the highlighting of domain names with a class=vglnk format hyperlink in page texts using Disqus settings... Learn more >>


New free tool – QR Code Generator, that help create free QR codes and use them to visit websites, dial phone numbers (vCard), send SMS messages, write tweets, exchange... Learn more >>


New free tool – SSL Certificate Checker, that help check the installation of an SSL certificate on your site. You will receive information about which SSL certificate is installed... Learn more >>


New free tool – DNS Lookup, that help get all the DNS records that were installed for the domain. Using the tool, you can find out the names of the DNS-servers... Learn more >>


New free tool – Robots.txt Testing Tool & Validator for check any URL for indexing blocking for bots from the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo!... Learn more >>


New free tool – Htpasswd Generator to generate .htpasswd file online for 401 authorization. Htaccess files apply to the current directory and... Learn more >>


New free tool – Online plain text to HTML converter will help you convert text to html entities without the need for hypertext markup editors... Learn more >>


Updated Updater.exe – now much less antivirus responds to it (detected by mistake). To update, you need to download the distribution package of the SiteAnalyzer and replace Updater.exe from the zip-archive.


New post about seven free analogues of Screaming Frog and Netpeak Spider for site audit: SiteAnalyzer overview, Xenu’s Link Sleuth, WildShark, Beam Us Up, Webbee... Learn more >>


In SiteAnalyzer 2.0.2 speed of crawling sites has been increased, improved stability of the scanner, the speed of drawing graph nodes is increased by 10 times, and the... Learn more >>


New post about a Favicon Image and How to Make a Website Favicon... Learn more >>


Questions and answers for interviewing an vacancy of the SEO specialist... Learn more >>


The best free and paid list of over 350 SEO tools, promotion web services and programs collected across the Internet... Learn more >>


New post about 28 most popular SEO tools for checking the keywords positions of sites and their costs in one table... Learn more >>


New free tool – Alexa Rank Checker for bulk check global Alexa Traffic Rank for any website... Learn more >>


New free tool – Moz Domain Authority Checker for bulk checking of the MOZ Rank authority of the domains: DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority)... Learn more >>


New free tool – Spell Checker for bulk checking spelling and punctuation in texts or list of URLs... Learn more >>


In SiteAnalyzer 2.0.1 we fixed the program freezes at the end of website parsing, fixed the ability to scan large arrays of links when importing URLs from a file, the incorrect export of the site structure to CSV also fixed... Download >>


New post about alternatives to own PBN and outreach: testing forum links, crowd marketing, renting and buying PBN links... Learn more >>


New post about new Google Bert Update search algorithm which now better understands requests in natural language... Learn more >>


In the SiteAnalyzer 2.0 we added website structure visualization on a graph, website crawling by internal URLs, as well as crawling local LiveServer... Learn more >>


New post about houghts on what affiliate sites for Amazon and other affiliates should be... Learn more >>


New free tool – Google Cache View for viewing of Google Cached Pages in browser for any website... Learn more >>


New free tool – Bulk Redirect Checker for check redirect for each URL and discover whether your URL status code response, show 301 / 302 redirects and... Learn more >>


New free tool – Bulk Meta Title & Description Checker parses the contents of the meta title, description, h1 tags from the given URL addresses and displays it in a convenient format... Learn more >>


Check if your webpage is using the robots meta tag or the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to instruct search engines not to show your website in... Learn more >>


The robots.txt file verification tool allows you to check if Google has blocked any of the pages on your site... Learn more >>


Instructions for assessors of Google 2019. Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines give requirements for quality pages and the reasons for low ratings... Read more >>


New free SEO tool: Text Relevance Analysis – online analysis relevance and density of keywords on the page... Learn more >>


New free SEO tool: Sitemap Generator Online – generation a sitemap.xml that fully complies with the standards... Learn more >>


We are pleased to introduce a new section on the site – SEO tools. This is a set of more than 20 free services for SEO-specialists and webmasters, which are designed to... Learn more >>


More recently, Google has introduced two new link attributes: rel="sponsored" and rel="ugc", which provide webmasters with additional ways... Read more >>


In the version 1.9.2 we adapted the program to 64-bit Windows systems, as well as reduced memory consumption. Along with this, we fixed a lot of accumulated bugs and... Learn more >>


Today we officially launch our channel in the Telegram messenger. The latest news will be quickly posted in this group... Learn more >>


In the version 1.9.1 accelerated procedure of calculating PageRank, fixed bug with incorrect robots.txt rules, speeded up deleting projects from the database... Learn more >>


New article about properly implement JSON-LD (JSON Linked Data) markup for articles with examples in PHP. JSON-LD structured data markup tools and validation services... Read more >>


New post about types of structured data markup for website, description of markup formats for generating rich Google snippets (, OpenGraph, JSON-LD, Microformats)... Read more >>


New post on "How Googlebot Distorts Your Website’s Viewing Statistics" about analysis of Google bots that scan the website and their impact on viewing statistics after Googlebot switches to Chromium 74... Read more >>


New post on "Everything about XML Sitemap" about format which is an XML file that includes a list of all website files and is intended for its prompt indexing. An XML sitemap helps... Read more >>


New post on "How to Correctly Write the Description in 2019" about tips on writing the description meta tag for promotional websites, examples of proper description generation for online stores and... Read more >>


In the version 1.9 added the ability to scan a list of arbitrary URLs, added the ability to scan Sitemap.xml files, added selection and copying cell values to the clipboard by Ctrl+A... Learn more >>


New article on "How to Correctly Write Title in 2019" about tips on writing the Title tag for promotional websites, using Emoji in page titles, examples of correct title generation for online stores and... Read more >>


The Blog section was updated – now it is called a blog: it has become visually more informative, there is an opportunity to vote for the posted materials... Go to Blog >>


In the version 1.8.3 added Dashboard tab that displays a detailed report on the current site optimization quality, added the ability to export technical and SEO statistics of the site to a convenient report in PDF format, for more convenient copying of cells, Shift and Ctrl events are added... Learn more >>


Detailed description of all checked parameters of SEO-audit in the program SiteAnalyzer (SEO Statistics tab) with indication of their criticality and importance... Learn more >>


In the version 1.8.2 added the ability to copy cell values to the clipboard in case of multiple selection of elements, added visualization of loading large projects when starting the program, added the display of the number of pages in folders in the "Site Structure" section... Learn more >>


In the version 1.8 completely redesigned section "SEO statistics" (now SEO-audit identifies over 60 major errors), added the function of calculating internal PageRank for any page of the site... Learn more >>


Added a post that compares the pros and cons of adaptive layout and a mobile site on a subdomain... Learn more >>


In the version 1.7 added the ability to free check the indexing of pages in the Yandex search engine, the ability to pause projects, added the parsing of the tag rel=alternate and the possibility of parsing sites that send data in Gzip format... Learn more >>


Posted a brief overview and description of the new version of the Site Analyzer 1.6 for a more detailed introduction to program functionality... Learn more >>


New post on "URI/sec VS Site load speed" about quick test of loading speed of many sites... Read here >>


If you want, you can send your feedback about the work of the SiteAnalyzer program and we will post it on the main page with your photo... Learn more >>


If you use the SiteAnalyzer, you can send the company's website (URL) in which you work and we will place its logo among our customers... Learn more >>


If you are a regular user of the SiteAnalyzer and you have a positive experience with it – you can send us your feedback about the program and we will post it on the main page of the site together with your photo, company where you work and a link to the company's website. You can send feedback via Contacts >>


We are pleased to announce the opening of the community of users of the SiteAnalyzer on Facebook! From now on, this is where we will publish all the news and events related to the program, as well as answer your questions and discuss the release of new versions. Goto Facebook >>


In the new version KeyClusterer, we added the feature to store projects in a common database, added the feature to filter key queries by words and word parts, optimize interface and usability...


The version of SiteAnalyzer 1.3 was almost completely rewritten code (90% of the binding), increased the speed of site scanning and data parsing, added multithreading, the ability to work through Proxy... Learn more >>


In version SiteAnalyzer 1.2 fixed incorrect definition TITLE encoding, adds the ability to pause the scan, the display content added "alt" and "title" images... Learn more >>


The new version SiteAnalyzer 1.1 fix bugs that occur when parsing meta tags title, added records ROBOTS.TXT file directives, added generate SITEMAP.XML file, adds the ability to display the "duplicate" pages, meta tags and headers... Learn more >>


The first version of the program SiteAnalyzer, created for the analysis of the site and to identify errors as his technical optimization, and the correctness of the optimization of its core of SEO-parameters (check availability of title... Learn more >>

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