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Privacy Agreement

«SiteAnalyzer» software (hereinafter «SiteAnalyzer») understands the importance of ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of Personal Personal Data, as well as information materials contained in the user accounts, therefore, conclude with you (the "User") this Privacy Statement (the "Agreement") to determine the order of receipt, storage, processing, «SiteAnalyzer» use and disclosure of personal data and other User while using «SiteAnalyzer» service users, the Internet site (the "site").

In order to use the Site and services, the User is obliged to agree to the terms of this Agreement. User has no right to use the Site and Services if he does not agree with the terms of the Agreement.

You shall not use the Site, Services and Services and may not accept the Agreement if it has not reached the legal age, he has the right to enter into such an agreement with «SiteAnalyzer».


Personal data - information that relates to a specific user, which allows the identification of the Member as an individual.

Public data - data (including personal data) to which a natural person - the owner of the data, provided access to the general public (including by publishing in any website without restrictions on access to the data) or on which, according to this Agreement and / or the current legislation does not cover the requirement of confidentiality.

Account - a record that contains data User authentication (login and password) required for identification of the User while using the Site or Services to them.

Cookie - a piece of data that does not contain Personal Data, create a website and stored in the user's computer in the form of one or more files. Cookie Blocking User lead to poor use of the Site and the Services or complete inability to use them.

Information material - any text, graphics, audio, video and mixed materials of information character.


1.1. This Agreement sets out the procedure for the receipt, storage, processing, use and disclosure of personal and other data (including information materials) that are provided and posted by the User while using the Site or Services to them.

1.2. Using any part of the Site and / or Service User provides «SiteAnalyzer» the right to receive, store, process, use Personal Data and User Information materials on the terms of this Agreement.

1.3. This Agreement does not regulate and «SiteAnalyzer» is not responsible for the order of receipt, storage, processing, personal use and disclosure of data and information within the user's side businesses and organizations that are not in the possession or under the control of «SiteAnalyzer», and individuals who are not employees «SiteAnalyzer», even if the user has gained access to sites, software, products or services of these parties through the Site.

1.4. The purpose of the receipt, storage, handling and use of Personal, Public, and other data users is to protect the interests of users and «SiteAnalyzer», as well as providing user services, including the display of personalized or general information, improving the quality of existing services provided by «SiteAnalyzer».


2.1. When you create a user account must specify the authorization data, as well as name, surname, email address and other data. After creating and using a user account, «SiteAnalyzer» is able to identify the User each time you use them the Site.

2.2. «SiteAnalyzer» has the right to upload the user's computer cookie files (if the user does not itself limited this possibility in your web browser), as well as to receive, store, process and use the information generated by a cookie.

2.3. When using the User of the Site and Service Equipment «SiteAnalyzer» automatically stores, processes and uses data from users who do not belong to the personal, such as: IP-address of the User, the data on the user's location, which can be identified by its IP-address, the technical parameters of the computer user presence or absence of a particular user's computer software, configure the software, cookie data, and statistical information about the activity of the user.

2.4. «SiteAnalyzer» has the right to keep the Personal and other data of the User as long as necessary to achieve the goal, which is specified in this Agreement, or in the terms established by the applicable laws of the country «SiteAnalyzer», international law, or the country of the User, or until the removal of the users of these data.


3.1. «SiteAnalyzer» undertakes not to disclose personal data to third parties for commercial purposes without the consent of the User to which the report refers. The transfer of personal data to third parties in the following cases:

- After obtaining the consent of the user to whom the information relates;

- At the reasonable request of government bodies that are entitled to receive such data.

- In that case, according to the «SiteAnalyzer» User violates the terms of this Agreement and / or of other treaties and agreements between «SiteAnalyzer» and User.

3.2. The user authorizes «SiteAnalyzer» to allow other companies with which «SiteAnalyzer» concluded the relevant agreements, receive, store and process data about the user (except for Personal Data and information materials), such as the IP-address of the User, cookie data, as well as statistical information on active users to improve the quality of services these companies and advertising information.

3.3. User agrees that the confidentiality of the data transmitted over the Internet is not guaranteed and if the access to the data obtained by third parties outside the technical means of communication, subservient «SiteAnalyzer», «SiteAnalyzer» is not responsible for damage caused by such access.

3.4. The user has the right to ask for, modify or delete their personal data, which are in «SiteAnalyzer». The user can modify or delete their personal data using the appropriate functions of the Site and your account. If this is not possible the user will need to state the requirement by sending it to the contact address «SiteAnalyzer», stated on the website.

3.5. If using site users in any way become known information on «SiteAnalyzer» and / or third parties, which, according to the Russian legislation applies to confidential and / or trade secrets, user is not allowed to store, use and disseminate such information.

3.6. Access to the account (account) and information materials that are stored in user accounts, carried out with the appropriate username and password. If the services of the Site, available to users, allow to make public any information of the User, the User independently and on their own responsibility to activate and use these features of the Site and services.

3.7. In order to implement the rights of Members, as well as the qualitative performance of «SiteAnalyzer» with its obligations under the agreements between the User and «SiteAnalyzer», «SiteAnalyzer» can familiarize with the information materials contained in the accounts (timely resolution of technical problems, the suppression of unlawful acts that violate the rights of users and / or «SiteAnalyzer», etc.).


4.1. «SiteAnalyzer» has the right to make changes to this Agreement. All changes made to the agreement will be available in a new version of the Agreement, at In the event of significant changes in the agreement, «SiteAnalyzer» further notify the user about these changes by e-mail. All modifications of the Agreement shall enter into force upon their publication. Using the service or Website User accepts the new terms of the Agreement as amended, which operates at the time of use of the Site or the Services by the User.

4.2. «SiteAnalyzer» is not responsible for damage or loss incurred by the user or third parties as a result of an incorrect understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Agreement, regulations or instructions on how to use the Site, regarding the placement of the order information data and other technical issues.

4.3. If found invalid or unenforceable any part of this Agreement, the other parts of the Agreement shall remain in force. Failure of any of the Parties of any term or condition of this Agreement or any breach does not negate the effect of that provision or condition.

4.4. By this Agreement and the relationship between «SiteAnalyzer» and Users of the Russian Federation legislation. Each side fully agrees that the relevant courts of the Russian Federation shall have exclusive jurisdiction regarding any and all claims and disputes relating to the Agreement.

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