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Version history

History of the release dates and program updates

Version 1.7 (build 128), 11.12.2018:

  • added the ability to free check the indexing of pages in the Yandex by XML-limits using the Yandex XML and Majento.ru services
  • added the ability to pause projects during scanning and continue scanning after restarting the program
  • added parsing of the meta-tag rel="alternate" and displaying the contents of the tags "hreflang" and "media"
  • added the ability to parse websites that give data in Gzip format
  • corrected not always correct counting of pages in the site statistics scan filters

Version 1.6.2 (build 120), 13.11.2018:

  • added ability to work with proxy lists (group add, delete, work check)
  • fixed EOutofresourse exception when group scanning sites, when more than 1000 sites in project list

Version 1.6.1 (build 119), 31.10.2018:

  • added SEO-audit of the site by length title, description, h1-h6, the number of external and internal links, the length of content (Settings -> SEO)
  • added consideration of restrictions on the maximum number of redirects when parsing a site (Settings -> Basic)
  • added display chains of redirects to the final page (Info tab -> Redirects)
  • fixed duplication of pages when displaying duplicates in the "All" mode (via the context menu)
  • fixed incorrect encoding when parsing meta tags of some types of sites
  • fixed memory leaks when loading site icons

Version 1.6 (build 112), 09.10.2018:

  • added the ability to filter data on any field using the "quick" filter
  • for more detailed filtering, you can use a custom filter with advanced data selection settings
  • in the panel with additional data was added a tab of the technical statistics of the site (links, meta tags, page response codes, "robots" directives, etc.), as well as the tab of SEO statistics – ß-version (duplicates of meta tags, blank page headings , the presence of descriptions in the tags "alt") with the possibility of automatic filtering for each parameter
  • for the HEAD block added crawler attributes "Next / Prev" and "Refresh" with the ability to display the contents of these fields in the statistics of scanning
  • the date of the "Last change" column document is now displayed in the format of the current country
  • added "Snippets are only displayed for HTML format documents" warning for non-text/html format URI in the "Google snippet" tab
  • added icon mapping for Cyrillic domains
  • the maximum number of scan threads is increased to 100
  • fixed export to Sitemap.xml: it is now validated (ampersand & replaced with its HTML-entity "&")
  • fixed problem with hangup when sorting data by clicking on column header

Version 1.5.1 (build 104), 08.08.2018:

  • increased speed of data export to Excel + eliminated bugs that occur when exporting large projects
  • increased speed of generating a sitemap "Sitemap.xml"
  • setting up the program for the "Scan" and "Exceptions" tabs became individual for each project
  • fixed a bug where objects with the type "text/javascript" were recognized as documents, rather than files like "Javascript"
  • fixed incorrect parsing of the meta-tag TITLE with the SVG-formatted image on the page (in which this tag is also present)
  • fixed incorrect sorting of the main site data in the table, boolean type output (for example, sorting in the HTTPS column)
  • added a pie chart showing the percentage of objects on the site (pages, images, styles, scripts, etc.)

Version 1.5 (build 101), 12.06.2018:

  • increased the speed of parsing websites, increased stability of the program
  • added the ability to download reports in Excel format (all results in one file, with tabs)
  • added parsing video (avi, mpeg, mov, links to Youtube, etc. formats). New column "Video" in the main report + tab
  • added parsing of documents (doc, xlsx, pdf, zip, mp3, etc. formats). New column "Documents" in the main report + tab
  • added highlighting of lines around content types (URL, styles, scripts, images, videos, documents, etc.)
  • added a visual display of the progress of data loading for "large" projects
  • added the ability to copy selected URLs in the list of domains
  • restored parsing and displaying files in *.css format
  • corrected incorrect accounting of the rules of the file "robots.txt" when parsing websites
  • optimized database structure, the removal of projects began to occur many times faster

Version 1.4.5 (build 96), 24.04.2018:

  • increased the speed of parsing sites (compared to the previous version, the speed increased up to 10 times)
  • fixed errors that occur periodically when writing data to the database
  • added the ability to select the types of analyzed objects (pages, images, styles, scripts)
  • added the ability to select multiple URLs and launch them to a re-scan, or group delete them
  • when exporting data, the automatic specification of the section name is added, which is unloaded (export_site.com_h1.csv)
  • when data exporting, was added request to overwrite existing files

Version 1.4.4 (build 91), 18.03.2018:

  • added the function of generating a site structure from parsed pages, with the ability to upload data to Excel
  • added the ability to compare the speed for each site on the chart

Version 1.4.3 (build 89), 26.02.2018:

  • it became possible to add sites to the list of projects
  • added display of data download speed when parsing sites (URI/sec)
  • added showing of favicon sites in the list of projects
  • restored the display of data in the "Info" tab

Version 1.4.2 (build 85), 11.02.2018:

  • added limit the number of pages scanned
  • added the ability to scan selected projects (scan several projects in turn)
  • added the ability to delete selected projects

Version 1.4.1 (build 83), 20.11.2017:

  • added parsing and displaying headers h1-h6, as well as their duplicates
  • added multilanguage support (the program became available in English, German, Italian and 14 other languages)
  • in the program interface the storage of the sizes of the left and right panel is added, and also the possibility of their full concealment
  • in the program settings are combined into one two items on Meta Robots (accounting NoIndex and NoFollow)
  • fixed incorrect definition of text encoding for some sites

Version 1.4 (build 79), 18.10.2017:

  • added an information panel with detailed information about the interesting URL (internal links, external, images, snippets)
  • added tab with displaying the contents of the meta-tag "robots" (index, nofollow)
  • added the ability to limit the time of scanning the project (indicated in hours)
  • corrected an incorrect indication of the level of nesting of pages (now it is counted from 0, not from 1, as it was before)
  • fixed minor errors in the scanner's logic, optimized program interface

Version 1.3.2 (build 76), 03.10.2017:

  • added display of hints for cells whose contents were larger than their width
  • the project re-scan now starts with the original URL entered, not from the root host, as before
  • fixed incorrect adherence to the directives "robots.txt", as well as the following Robots User-Agent

Version 1.3.1 (build 74), 28.09.2017:

  • added the ability to scan Cyrillic domains
  • added default sorting of the list of projects by name
  • incorrect registration of the contents of "robots.txt" when scanning a project
  • added follow-up to the rel="canonical" and "base href" directives on the site
  • added the ability to manually specify the number of pages to stake out "sitemap.xml" not a few files
  • added the storage of the active project when the program is closed and its load when it is subsequently launched
  • the correctness of logging user actions in the program was restored (section Log)
  • restored scan progress display on Taskbar

Version 1.3 (build 71), 10.09.2017:

  • completely redesigned source code, increased program speed
  • added multithreading (it became possible to manually specify the number of threads to scan the site)
  • changed the principle of storing data from PostgreSQL to SQLite (greatly reduced the size of the distribution)
  • added work through Proxy, the ability to specify the User-Agent, as well as the exclusion of certain sections of the site when scanning
  • added parsing of Java scripts and CSS-styles (previously they were not parse)

Version 1.2 (build 52), 22.02.2017:

  • fixed incorrect definition encoding TITLE
  • added the ability to pause the scan for later resumption ("Pause / Resume" button)
  • added tab HRAFLANG, showing the linguistic affiliation of pages (when available)
  • added displaying the contents of "the alt" and "title" images (the "Images")
  • added display of external links with the attribute NOFOLLOW (tab "External Links")
  • added display time scanning the site (located next to the progress bar)
  • fixed message "ZLibError" in the column "Status" for some sites
  • fixed zero time values in the column "Load Time"
  • added display of progress scan site to the taskbar

Version 1.1 (build 48), 05.02.2017:

  • fixed bugs that occur when parsing "TITLE" meta tag (for details of the sites displayed in wrong encoding)
  • added account "ROBOTS.TXT" file directives, as well as meta-tag "robots" when crawling pages on your site
  • accounting added rel="nofollow" when crawling pages on your site
  • added generation of cards "SITEMAP.XML" of the site (including "smart" cards splitting into multiple files on 50,000 pages)
  • added the ability to display the "duplicate" pages, meta tags and headers
  • given in the order interface, increased stability of the program

Version 1.0 (build 26), 20.11.2016:

  • the ability to scan all pages of the site (links pereobhod on site)
  • definition of title, description, keywords, h1-h2
  • statistics on the internal and external links
  • definition code server responses for downloaded files and pages
  • page load time definition
  • export reports to Excel (*.xls)
  • autosave data

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