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Sitemap.XML Generator Online

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 Limitation: no more than 500 pages of the site
To check sites with the number of pages from 500 and more, use our free program SiteAnalyzer >>

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Creating sitemap.xml (online generator)

One of the criteria for technical optimization of a site and its readiness for promotion is the presence of a Sitemap.xml file that contains a complete set of relevant pages and displays the current site structure. This file is used by search engines to find new pages of the site, and also with the help of it the search engine robot is informed about the pages that need to be indexed.

In addition to the URLs of the pages themselves, the sitemap.xml file contains additional information in the form of meta data indicating for each URL:

  • date of last change
  • frequency of changes
  • its priority at the site level

In order not to waste time creating such a file manually, this tool was developed.
This Sitemap Generator is intended for online generation of the file "sitemap.xml", which fully complies with XML standards and is taken into account by all search engines.

After creating a sitemap, you need to copy it to the root folder of the site and add the Sitemap directive at the end of the robots.txt file – https://some-site.com/sitemap.xml.

P.S. Restriction of the tool: no more than 500 pages.
To check sites with the number of pages from 500 and more, use our free program SiteAnalyzer >>


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