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How to choose a domain for a review site for Amazon?

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2021-02-25 | Time to read: 4 minutes
Author: Alexander Pavlutsky

20 tips from Alexander Pavlutsky on how to choose and purchase dropped domains forarticle websites for Amazon.

How to choose a domain for a review site for Amazon?

Basic recommendations

1. Search and buy dropped domains. Don’t usenewly registered domains (you’ll simply waste your time on getting started).

2. The simplest way is to search for domains on Expireddomains and buy them from the GoDaddy auction.

3. A more complicated way is to parse the outbound links of TOP sites for your region/topic, check these domains for availability and register those that suit you. This way you get a dropped domain with an inbound topic link.

Moreover, often these domains are not considered as expired.

4. There isstrong competition for free high-quality dropped domains (after all, every second Indian is searching for them), and sometimes it's easier to spend $100-200 and get a better link as a bonus.

5. Don't complicate it and make use of classic options like com, net, org, biz, info.

6. If you want to obtain a nice dropped domain, then you should use the following solutions: set CPC > 20 in the "Adwords Global" tab on Expireddomains. The higher the value, the more sonorous the domains will be since you will be receiving expensive keywords.


7. Important: you should search for sites that previously served as blogs, reviews, and similar sites. Sometimes this is even more important than the topic of the site.

8. Ahrefs are Spamzilla are often enough to carry out an analysis.

9. Don’t be scared to take a domain from DR10-20 because the links themselves, their type, and quality of donors are much more important (it often does not correlate with DR because it is easy to jack it up).

10. Pay attention to whether or not the dropped domainswere previously ranked by keywords. If you adjust a site for a specific niche/keyword, you can immediately search for a dropped domain that was already ranked TOP with these keywords.

If that’s not what you want, then just watch the visibility index history of its keywords. A positive history will make you an extra benefit.

11. You also need to check whether or not the dropped domain had any traffic. I will say a controversial point, but if I see good links on the site and a lack of traffic in history, then I question myself, why so? Was it because of bad links or bad content?

12. You all know this, but I will repeat it again just in case: it’s all up to the number of unique referring domains and not the number of backlinks.

13. This point is not that relevant for article sites, but you may still want to check how many pages are still present in Google's index. You will certainlyget new pages into the index more easily if something is already present there.

This is a must-have for me when I choose a domain for aggregators, catalogs, and large sites.

14. We should exclude domains with link bombing (without further support).

15. Analyze Best by links thoroughly in Ahrefs: we don’t use dropped domainswhere more than 50% of links lead to oneand the same(non-main) page. Of course, this can be solved by setting up a redirect, but I strongly doubt that these dropped domains will be effective.


16. Check for filters in advance (no one will say for sure, but Website Penalty Indicator will help you see it in some cases).

17. Check how many times the domain has changed its owner. If it had morethan 2-3 in 10 years, don’t use it.

18. What else you should pay attention to in WebArchive besides the standard stop factors (XXX, Asian sites, gambling, etc.) is that whether the site changed its topic. If it has been a travel blog for 10 years, and then became a review site for a year, I wouldn’t recommend tobuyit.

19. If it was an author's blog, please make sure to check if the author's social networks are still alive and whether it will be possible to include the previous owner into the "Authors" block of your site (now I sayhello to everyone who is inside the gambling niches!).

20. Domains that have passed the checklist are included in the purchase list (in Google tables) with such data:

  • domainname
  • price in $ that we are ready to pay for
  • DR
  • amount of referring domains/links
  • keywords visibility (now/for all the time)
  • traffic (now/for all the time)
  • auction price at the time of the search
  • end date of the auction down to the last minute
  • linktoauction
  • link to a web archive
  • pagesintheindex
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