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Answers to frequently asked questions

The site says that the program is paid, but at startup it does not ask for registration

At the moment the program SiteAnalyzer is actively developing, so for a while, until the release of a stable version, it will be distributed absolutely free.

Over time, work in the program will move to a paid basis, which will be reported in the news of our site, in announcements of news resources and partner sites.

Is it possible to scan sites with a size of 1 million pages or more?

Testing of programs was carried out in two systems: Windows XP and Windows 10.

  • Windows XP x32 (3 GB RAM):
    • scanned URL (html-pages): 92 000
    • analyzed URI (pages, images, scripts, documents, etc.): 196 000
    • elapsed time: 2 hours 50 minutes
  • Windows 10 x64 (8 GB RAM):
    • scanned URL (html-pages): 118 000
    • analyzed URI (pages, images, scripts, documents, etc.): 456 000
    • elapsed time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Thus, we can conclude that the program is capable of scanning sites of almost any volume – everything depends on the amount of installed RAM on your PC. The more memory there is – the more the program will scan the pages on the site.

P.S. Send your records the number of crawled pages (preferably with screenshots) and we'll post them in this FAQ.

What is the message about the lack of resources in the program log?

When scanning large volumes with a large number of threads in a log, a similar message may occur: "Due to a lack of computer resources, the project scan is stopped, we recommend changing the scan settings".

Due to a lack of computer resources, the project scan is stopped

This message occurs when the program is running when there is a shortage of system resources in the operating system. The scanning of the current project automatically stops. This is done to prevent the occurrence of system errors and the correct recording of data in the database.

To prevent the appearance of such messages, it is recommended to increase the amount of RAM of your computer, switch to 64-bit Windows, and optimize the scanning parameters in the program settings (reduce the number of threads, limit the number of pages for parsing).

Can I run the SiteAnalyzer on Linux and MacOS?

Now there is a version only for Windows OS, development for other platforms is currently not carried out. However, in case of increasing interest in the program, we will try to transfer it to other popular platforms.

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