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The tool allows you to view records of the domain you are interested in on the DNS servers responsible for this domain.

Using this tool, you can find out the names of the DNS servers supporting this domain (NS records), the IP addresses of the servers on which the domain is located (A / CNAME records), the servers processing e-mail for this domain (MX records).

What is DNS?

DNS records (DNS resource records) associate a domain name with the IP address of the server on which the site is located. Errors or typos in them can make it impossible to access the site, so you need to carefully monitor their correct completion.

Special tools help to correctly specify DNS records, check their availability and correct settings. This greatly simplifies the life of the system administrator, webmaster and developer.

Types of DNS Records

In addition to its main function – mapping a domain to an IP address, DNS records store service information, redirect requests to other servers and help you correctly configure them to process requests. To solve this range of problems, they are divided into types.

The most important types of DNS records are listed below

  • A-record – finds the IP address of the server by the entered site name in the address bar of the browser.
  • CNAME record – points to several subdomains on the same server.
  • MX record – indicates the server that is responsible for receiving mail for this domain.
  • TXT record – an information record with information for external sources (stores up to 255 bytes). Often used to verify domain ownership.

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