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Scan your websites and get detailed information about each page.
SiteAnalyzer will help you identify and fix all technical and SEO errors!


SiteAnalyzer is a Web Crawler which provides a set of tools for quick and effective technical website auditing and SEO optimization improvement. Try it to fix technical issues and improve SEO in the shortest period.

Download SiteAnalyzer for free to review or purchase a licensed version for total controlling the optimization process of your projects.

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SiteAnalyzer is a Powerful Web Crawler

with advanced technical analysis and SEO audit of websites

Key features of SiteAnalyzer

Web site SEO auditing

Web site SEO auditing

The «SEO Statistics» block contains more than 60 filters configured to identify the most popular errors on websites.

With the help of these filters you can quickly estimate: how many duplicate TITLES site has, what pages have links with 404 response code and see redirect chains, pages with external links or images exceeding the maximum size specified, and much more.

The possibility of built-in data filtering allows you to display pages according to various conditions for their further more detailed analysis.

Data visualization

SiteAnalyzer has a unique ability to visualize link networking on a graph. This module will help to display visually the structure of the site in a graphical form, as well as to assess the degree of linking level of pages and sections of the site to each other.

PageRank calculation

Additionally, SiteAnalyzer provides the option to calculate the internal PageRank for each page of the site, which allows you to see the pages with the largest internal link weight.

  • Data visualization
  • Data visualization
Data scraping

Data scraping

Web scraping is an automated process of extracting data from the pages of interest on the site according to certain rules.

The SiteAnalyzer program allows you to extract data from a list of URLs using XPath, CSS Xpath, XQuery, RegExp methods and export them to Excel.

Usually, scraping solves tasks that are difficult to handle manually. This can be extracting product descriptions to create a new online store or scraping in marketing research to monitor prices, or to monitor ads.

Content uniqueness analysis

This functionality allows you to search for duplicate pages and check the uniqueness of texts inside the site. In other words, it is a batch check of a group of URLs for uniqueness among themselves.

Checking indexing

The ability for checking the indexed of pages in search engine Google with third-party services (SERPRiver, etc.).

  • Content uniqueness analysis
  • Content uniqueness analysis


The Dashboard section is designed for general assessment of the current degree of site optimization in percentage terms from 0 to 100. It allows you to see the number of bumps for each of the 60+ analyzed parameters and displays the degree of significance of each parameter also.

For convenience, you can export the report to Excel or PDF and then send to customers or include in the site technical audit report.


All the data obtained as the outcome of the program can be transferred to Excel or PDF file for further analysis of the technical optimization parameters of the site or to be send as a report to the client.

Export to MindMap

Exporting the site structure to mind maps allows you to visualize the current site's structure in the form of convenient mental maps with the possibility of further editing them in four popular editors: MindManager, Xmind, Mindmeister and Coggle.

  • Reports
  • Reports

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User Reviews

  • Vijay Singh

    It is a really informative website for site analyze and it help to everyone. Owner of

    Vijay Singh Rawat MaxBlogging
  • Tibor Kolos

    SiteAnalyzer is a gem among SEO software. Quick, detailed, developing from version to version. Free though it has no limitations. Excellent work, just go on with it!

    Hálószem Online Marketing
  • Andrei Antohin

    Compared to paid counterparts almost no inferior functionality. The visualization and calculation of PageRank is just top. I can't find the MAC version, but I've already put up with it ) The program is free and the ads do not flicker. Saving projects is «one love». I wish further development of the project and success to Andrei Simagin personally!

    HelloDigitalWorld HelloDigitalWorld
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