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After scanning your entire website and get detailed information on each page, SiteAnalyzer will display all the technical and SEO errors and help to fix them!


SiteAnalyzer is a Web Crawler tool to scan the websites and check their technical and of SEO-parameters for errors and correct them effectively.

Download SiteAnalyzer absolutely Free for fully control the optimization of your websites!

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SiteAnalyzer allows quick and efficiently carry out a technical audit of websites, find and correct errors.

Key features of the SiteAnalyzer

Finding "broken" links

Scanning pages of the site to detect broken links and non-existent pages

Search redirects

Displays 301 and 302 redirects on the site (temporary and permanent redirect)

Analysis of page titles and meta tags

Determining the existence and contents of "title", "keywords", "description", and their duplicate

Analysis headings H1-H6

Checking headers H1-H6, and their duplicates

Links analysis

Search internal and external links to the site

Website SEO-audit

Check 50+ basic SEO parameters and determine 60+ key internal optimization errors

PageRank calculation

Calculation of internal PageRank for each page of the site

All projects in one place

Ability to store projects in the form of a list, rather than opening them one by one, as implemented by most competitors

Generation Sitemap.xml

Quickly create XML sitemap includes parameters "last modified", "priority" и "change frequency"

Crawl very large websites efficiently

Scanning websites of any volumes due to the low requirements of computer resources

Flexible data filtering

Filtration of the resulting scanning on any URL parameter

Scan arbitrary URLs

Analysis of arbitrary links: loading from disk and clipboard, scanning external Sitemap.xml

Export data

Export reports to CSV, Excel and PDF

Performance and reliability

Low demands on computer resources, low consumption of RAM

Multi-language support

The program has a multilingual interface and supports 17 major languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc.)

Portable format

Work on PC without installation or directly from removable device

User reviews

  • Vijay Singh

    It is a really informative website for site analyze and it help to everyone. Owner of MaxBlogging.com

    Vijay Singh Rawat maxblogging.com
  • Tibor Kolos

    SiteAnalyzer is a gem among SEO software. Quick, detailed, developing from version to version. Free though it has no limitations. Excellent work, just go on with it!

    Hálószem Online Marketing haloszem.hu
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