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Scan your websites and get detailed information about each page.
SiteAnalyzer will help you identify and fix all technical and SEO errors!


SiteAnalyzer is a Web Crawler tool meant to scan URLs and perform a fast SEO analysis of a website. Use it to fix technical issues and improve SEO in the shortest period.

Download SiteAnalyzer for free to fully optimize your websites!

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SiteAnalyzer provides a set of tools for quick and effective technical website audit and SEO optimization.

Key features of SiteAnalyzer

Page Title and Meta Tag Analysis

Optimize Title, Keywords, and Description tags and combat duplicates

Find Broken Links and Check Redirects

Scan URLs to detect broken links and non-existent pages, check 301 and 302 redirects on a website

H1-H6 Headings Checker

Checking for H1-H6 headers and duplicates

Link Analysis

Search the internal and external links on your website

Domain Analysis

6 domain analysis modules that can be used to analyze sites without using third-party tools and services

Complete SEO Audit

Check 50+ basic SEO parameters and identify 60+ major internal optimization issues

Data Scraping

Extract data from interesting site pages using XPath, CSS, XQuery, RegEx

Checking Content Uniqueness

Search for duplicate pages and check the uniqueness of the texts within the site

PageRank Calculator

Calculate the Google PageRank of each page on any website

Site Structure Visualization

Our site structure visualization graph will help you instantly uncover problems in the site architecture, and impress clients with graphic reports

Page Loading Speed

Check the speed of loading pages through the API service Google PageSpeed Insights

Scan Arbitrary URLs

Analyze arbitrary links (load from disk and clipboard, scan external Sitemaps)

Generate Sitemap.xml

Easily create a XML sitemap with «last modified», «priority», and «change frequency» parameters

Flexible Data Filtering

Filter and sort site crawl results by any parameter

Indexation Check

Ability to check the indexing of pages in the Google search engine

Every Project in One Place

Unlike other crawlers, SiteAnalyzer allows to save projects as a list instead of accessing them one by one

White Label SEO Reports

Branded SEO reports for agencies & marketers. Design your White-label SEO reports any way you want!

Export Data

Export reports to CSV, Excel and PDF format

Crawl Huge Websites Efficiently

Scan websites of any size due to modest system requirements

Multi-language Support

SiteAnalyzer has a multilingual interface and supports 17 languages

What are the differences between SiteAnalyzer and Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Sitebulb, Netpeak Spider, and WebSite Auditor?

SiteAnalyzer is suitable for any budget. Unlike Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Sitebulb, Netpeak Spider and SEO PowerSuite WebSite Auditor, this crawling tool is totally free without any restrictions. At the same time, it is much more powerful than its outdated counterparts such as Xenu Link Sleuth.

The tool is free of charge and can be used right out of the box. SiteAnalyzer has all the features offered by its paid counterparts. Moreover, it significantly surpasses free tools like Xenu Link Sleuth in terms of functionality.

SiteAnalyzer is very easy to use. Download the distribution kit, unzip the archive, and launch the app. That is it! Now you can start to work on your projects. In a matter of seconds, you will get access to all the SEO tools for auditing and monitoring your websites!

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User Reviews

  • Vijay Singh

    It is a really informative website for site analyze and it help to everyone. Owner of MaxBlogging.com

    Vijay Singh Rawat MaxBlogging
  • Tibor Kolos

    SiteAnalyzer is a gem among SEO software. Quick, detailed, developing from version to version. Free though it has no limitations. Excellent work, just go on with it!

    Hálószem Online Marketing haloszem.hu
  • Andrei Antohin

    Compared to paid counterparts almost no inferior functionality. The visualization and calculation of PageRank is just top. I can't find the MAC version, but I've already put up with it ) The program is free and the ads do not flicker. Saving projects is «one love». I wish further development of the project and success to Andrei Simagin personally!

    HelloDigitalWorld HelloDigitalWorld
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