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SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools browser Extension, for Chrome and Firefox

What Does the Title, Description & H1 Check Tool Do?

The tool parses the contents of the meta title, description, h1 tags from the given URL addresses, displays the count of characters and words in meta-tags and displays it in a convenient format.

Meta Title

Title is a special HTML tag that contains a brief and concise description of the content contained on the page. The <title> tag is located in the invisible part of the page (in the HEAD block), however its contents can be seen on the browser tabs, or in the search engine search snippet. The meta tag title is an important factor when ranking sites in Google search results.

Title Lenght: not more 90 characters.

Meta Description

The meta description tag is placed inside the HEAD side and is intended for a brief description of the HTML page. The content of meta description does not affect the appearance of the page, while it is one of the sources on the basis of which search engines generate a snippet for websites in the search results. Thus, the most relevant and informative text to the search query falls into the snippet.

Description Lenght: not more 250 characters.

H1 Header

H1 is the base page header. The page header, unlike the meta description tag, is visible to all users of the site. H1 is a semantic summary of the contents of a web page.

H1 Lenght: not more 70 characters.


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