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SiteAnalyzer pricing policy

The cost of the SiteAnalyzer depends on the number of computers on which you intend to install the software.

Quantity of employees PCs Price per employee PC, USD
1-2 190-00
3-5 170-00
6-9 150-00
10-13 140-00
14-17 130-00
18-20 120-00
21 and more 100-00

We offer a 30% discount for resellers (min 100 licenses for the 1st order), please contact us.

Pricing Policy

1. One license entitles you to use the program on one computer.
2. The minimum number of licenses to purchase is 1.
3. Moving a registered copy of the program from one computer to another is allowed only if you delete the identifier of this computer in your personal account in the "Devices" section.
4. Publishing, distributing or illegally selling registration information or a part of it cancels the license.
5. The program is delivered on "as is" basis. The user assumes all responsibility for any kind of loss while using the program.
6. No refunds will be given. If you are not sure that you are completely satisfied with SiteAnalyzer, you should first try the free demo version to see if you think you need the software.
7. All upgrades within one version are free (for example, upgrading from version 3.1 to 3.2). Upgrading to a new version (e.g. from version 3.x to 4.x) may involve a fee.
8. No monthly and annual fees.

Please try the free Demo version of the program on your machines before (full version with restrictions by projects and URLs).

Payment Procedure

All orders are processed by the PayPro payment acceptance service.

General registration mechanism:


The registration key will be sent within 24 hours after receiving the payment notification (it is also available in your personal account).
After purchasing, you just need to enter the registration key. The key letter will tell you how to do this.

Note: in case of impossibility or unwillingness to use the above methods, let us know your circumstances through the feedback form. We will do our best to find an acceptable option.

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