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What is a Domain Name Generator?

It is a free tool, which allows you to create domains in accordance with various criteria. Select them in the Domain Name Generator settings. For instance, you can only choose the options containing the words "best, fast" or find domains that are no more than three words long.

We offer several methods of domain name generation. Both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to try multiple generation methods in order to get the best results and pick the most fitting domain names for your needs.

What is the Best Domain Name Generation Method?

Finding a domain name on your own is significantly harder than it seems. The advanced toolset of our Domain Name Generator will automatically generate numerous different options for you. Thanks to it, it will be much easier for you to choose the most appropriate domain name.

If you want to create a website name, enter the keyword (or multiple keywords), enable the "Extensions" checkbox, and click the "Generate" button. Click the names you like to see whether you can register a web domain. The taken domain names that you cannot use are colored red.

Advanced Options of Our Domain Name Generator

  • Besides mixing and combining the keywords, our Domain Name Generator offers the Smart Domain Name Generation feature. Therefore, you only need to enter several keywords (2-4 keywords is the optimal number) to get domain names suggestions generated using synonyms and other words according to your request.
  • The "Prefix" and "Postfix" fields allow you to choose the words that will be automatically added to the generated domain names. ([prefix]+[domainname]+[postfix].com -> mydomainnamebest.com).
  • Our tool generates hundreds and thousands of domain names. You can enter a domain name’s fragment in the "Filter" field to narrow down your choices. Our Domain Name Generator will only show you the domains that contain the specific sequence of letters.
  • If you want to get domain name suggestions that include dashes, select the "Yes" option in the Dashes settings of Domain Name Generator.
  • You can select the maximum domain length in words using the "Max Word Length" parameter. For instance, if you set this parameter to 3, then our tool will generate domain names that are no more than 3 words long.
  • Check whether a domain name is available. There is a "Get Info" button next to each generated domain name. Click it to see whether the domain is available in the selected domain zones. If it is already taken, you can get detailed information about the website.

When choosing the best domain name, make sure that it is unique, simple, concise, and easy on the ear. All these factors will affect its memorability and recognizability. We recommend you to use domain names that contain one or two words and no numbers.

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