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SiteAnalyzer 2.3 - Page Load Performance

What’s new in version 2.3 (build 231)

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2020-10-19 | Time to read: 2 minutes
Author: Simagin Andrey

Hello everyone! We continued the systematic improvement of SiteAnalyzer in the new version. We have added a couple of new features and fixed some bugs. Check out the details below!

SiteAnalyzer 2.3

Major changes

1. Added the Page Load Performance graph.

Page Load Performance

The Page Load Performance graph was added to the Visualization menu. It can be used to analyze the load speed of a website. For clarity purposes, the pages are divided into groups and time intervals with a 100-millisecond step.

Thus, based on the graph, you can identify how many pages are loaded quickly (within the 0-100 milliseconds range), how many of them have an average load time (around 100-200 milliseconds), and which pages take a long time to load (400 milliseconds or more).

Note: The displayed time shows the load speed of the HTML source code. It does not reflect how long it would take to load full pages. Factors such as page rendering or image optimization are not taken into account.

2. Added the Content tab, which displays the content distribution stats per symbols and words on each page.

The new Content tab

Thanks to this tab, getting statistics on the number of characters and words on a specific page will be much faster and convenient. The functionality of this section will expand over time.

3. The Custom Filters tab features a new Links node. It offers statistics for URLs with a low number of incoming links and a large number of outbound links.

New Links node

The new filters are extremely helpful if you need to analyze pages with a large number of outbound links (>100) and a low number of incoming links (<5).

Additionally, the links chart is interactive now. It is connected with the Low Number of Backlinks report in the Custom Filters section. Click the graph to open the list of pages that have a low number of incoming links.

This feature allows you to identify which URLs need more link juice and optimize them.

3. Added an Image Sitemap generator

Image Sitemap generator

This feature was added by popular demand from our users ;)

Other changes

  • Fixed the bug when scanning of large websites with many redirects caused a program crash.
  • Fixed the bugged Start button in the empty main window. Now it correctly reacts to changes in the URL field.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the incorrect H1-H6 headers display.

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