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Our tool sends the list of webpages to the search engines Bing and Yandex for scanning (re-crawling) using the IndexNow protocol.

How IndexNow technology works

IndexNow protocol allows search engines to automatically inform about changes on the site. This can be the appearance of new pages, updating or deleting previously indexed URLs.

With IndexNow, you can directly notify Bing and Yandex of site changes without waiting for search bots to crawl.

To submit URLs, you need to verify ownership of the site for which you want to reindex. For confirmation, a special key is used – you need to generate it, place a file with it on your site and transfer it in requests to the API.

Important! Please note that submission of pages does not guarantee their indexing.

How to get the API Key

To get the API key, you need to create a text file in the root directory of the site using a secret name from 8 to 128 characters long (you can use Latin letters, numbers and a hyphen).

Then you need to add this secret code to the contents of the secret file.

Private key example: 31f7b55e46fb41ad9cc27a0e380b1bc0
Example text file: 31f7b55e46fb41ad9cc27a0e380b1bc0.txt

Why is it needed

  • To speed up URL indexing (the faster your pages get to the search engines, the faster you get search traffic).
  • To speed up de-indexing (it is possible that the search contains pages that you would like to exclude from there as soon as possible).
  • To speed up the registration of changes (if you have improved the pages and want search engines to take these changes into account).

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