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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Audit and Promotion for Your Online Business

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Smart Website Promotion

We have more than 10 years of experience in website promotion to get projects of almost any complexity to the TOP!

In our work, we use the most relevant analytical systems and services (including proprietory) enabling us effectively achieve promotion results and make our customers even happier!

We will get your website to the TOP 10 Google
We will ensure growing targeted traffic to the website
We will increase the number of specialized requests and sales
We will get your website to the TOP 10 of Google for most commercial requests
We will ensure the growth of targeted traffic to your website by more than 30% in the first 3 months
We will increase the number of specialized requests and sales by 15% in the first 2 months of cooperation
Website promotion, traffic growth

Strategy for Promoting Your Business

Website SEO audit

Website SEO audit

Semantic core selection

Semantic core selection

Unique content

Unique content

We analyze the current website state for more than 80 parameters and make a list of improvements to rank it higher in search engines using our own SEO Spider crawling software
We carefully study the customer's business and thus select only targeted and conversion requests for promotion when working with semantics. We use both external services and our own developments
We write high-quality selling texts that will motivate the user to order a service or make a purchase. On the other hand, no less important, our texts help search engines to rank your website higher

Internal website optimization

Internal optimization

External optimization

External optimization (link building)

Website usability analysis

Website usability analysis

We optimize each webpage for a specific group of requests, followed by crosslinking to correctly distribute the link weight. We also provide technical optimization and, if necessary, speed up the website
We search for options to place thematic links on trusted traffic resources that correspond to your website thematics. We get rid of low-quality links leading to the website, use our own donor website filtering algorithms. Link mass grows uniformly to avoid the "links explosion"
Even having reached TOP positions, we are constantly improving your website, its usability and marketing properties, as well as your return on investment in its promotion.

Monthly reporting


Monthly reports on the website work done, as well as on the ranking and visit number growth dynamics. Based on the reports, we constantly recommend useful improvements and offer new requests to cover a larger audience

Our Services

Website development
Website development (concept, design, layout)
Comprehensive website promotion
Comprehensive website promotion in search engines
Contextual advertising
Contextual advertising
  • Own team of high-qualified programmers
  • Development of selling websites using popular CMSs
  • Developing websites of any complexity: from online stores to portals
  • Technical support and website improvement
  • Semantic core (keywords) compilation
  • Correcting website technical errors
  • Filling promoted webpages with content, SEO optimization
  • Link building - work with external platforms, links from external resources
  • Monthly reporting
  • Quick launch and large audience reach
  • Attracting the most targeted and communication-ready audience
  • Suitable for any business type
  • Work to improve behavioral factors and website conversion to increase sales
Content marketing
Content marketing (native advertising)
Email marketing
Email marketing
Website audit and usability
Website audit and usability
  • Expert content development
  • Distributing content across traffic resources
  • Emergence of brand loyalty among users when viewing content
  • Brand popularity growth due to increased user interest in it
  • Email strategy development
  • Creating a content plan and developing a strategy for getting subscribers
  • Writing conversion texts and message template layout
  • A/B tests to determine the most successful message subject
  • Collecting statistics and adjusting strategies to achieve better results
  • Website SEO audit and bringing it to the requirements of search engines
  • Website technical audit and error detection
  • Usability website audit to improve sales conversion

Why Choosing Us?

We promote websites of any complexity using ONLY "white" methods
Comprehensive approach to promotion (we delve into every detail of your business)
Maximum transparency in customer relations

3 promotion options: requests to the TOP / visibility / traffic
Cost – from $1,499
Get SEO audit for $500
by submitting a request until 15 december 2020 !

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