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History of the SiteAnalyzer

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Who We Are

SiteAnalyzer is a small team of enthusiasts with extensive marketing experience as well as more than 15 years of experience in the development of applied software, web services and applications of varying complexity.

SiteAnalyzer Development Team

Our goal is to create a universal and easy-to-use product, so at every stage of SiteAnalyzer program, we try to meet the needs of our users as much as possible, based on both their wishes and our vision for the development of this software.

Our Story

SiteAnalyzer's story begins in 2013, when one major project had to check the quality of its internal optimization (correctness of tights and meta tags, find «broken» links, analyze the distribution of internal PageRank pages, etc.). At that time, there were very few tools for scanning large sites (web services scanned slowly and could «fall» on large sites, and there were even fewer programs for calculating PageRank). Thus, as a result of the use of various programs and services, I have identified their various shortcomings, and therefore were born thoughts on the options to improve their functionality, which themselves have grown into the decision to create their own product.

The first version of the site crawler was implemented in the form of a web service, which was able to fully scan sites and show broken links, incorrect meta-tags, calculate PageRank and even do a graphic visualization of the links between pages in the form of an interactive linking graph. However, this service has not gained popularity because of not quite fast work of the scanner, and in itself it generated huge amounts of data, storage of which was very expensive, so its further development and support had to be abandoned.

After a pause, at the end of 2016, I came up with the idea to write a similar service, but only in the form of a program for a personal computerit solved the problem of using server resources, as well as the problem of accumulation and storage. As a result, in a very short period of time, our team was able to create from scratch a worthy product for technical audit and analysis of the site, which, at the moment, can compete on an equal footing with paid counterparts and which has great potential for development, embodied day in and day out, as far as possible, time and power.

Prospects for Development

SiteAnalyzer's development team tries to introduce new chips and post updates at least once a month, not forgetting to follow the development of our competitors, trends in search engine development, and of course listen to the comments and wishes of our users, which we consider the main source of our inspiration!

SiteAnalyzer in numbers

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Any Questions Left?

You can email us «support@site-analyzer.pro», ask a question on the forum, or send a message through the feedback form.

Thank you for your attention!

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