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Find All Pages on a Website in Google Index


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How to find all pages on a website

Sometimes you need to know the number of pages on a site. This may be your own or a third-party site that you need to check. If this is your own site, you can easily find the number of pages by looking into your CMS. If the site is not yours, you can find out how many pages are on the site in several ways.

1. XML file sitemap

Almost every site has a sitemap.xml file that contains all the relevant pages on the site. Usually this file is located in the root of the site at somesite.com/sitemap.xml. Thus, by downloading this file, you can analyze and calculate the number of URLs in it. This can be done quickly and simply using the free SiteAnalyzer program (download the program, unzip the archive, and after starting import the link to the sitemap, after which the program will display the URLs contained in it).

To generate Sitemap.xml use our free tool >>

2. Using the "site:" operator on Google

Open Google and enter the following search query, replacing the site name with yours:


You will see the results, with the number of pages indexed in Google. Despite the fact that this is not the actual number of pages on a site, it gives an idea of the number of pages on your site.

3. Google Search Console

As with the "site:" operator, the Google Search Console has the option of viewing the total number of pages indexed on Google. Open your Search Console account, find the "Google Index > Index Status" menu to view the indexing of the site.

How our tool works?

Our free tool is based on the "site:" operator and searches Google for information about indexed pages on your site.

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