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Htpasswd file Generator

Creating .htpasswd for 401 authorization. If you want to do basic authorization at the apache-server level, you need to generate a .htpasswd file. Htaccess files apply to the current directory and to all subdirectories below.



Full path to .htpasswd:


HASH type: MD5 Crypt SHA

This password is generated using htpasswd and is suitable for Linux and Windows.

Copy this line into your .htpasswd file (remember, only one entry can be in a row):

To restrict access to the selected directory, copy these lines into your .htaccess file:

To restrict access to the file only, copy these lines to your .htaccess file:

Please note that .htaccess and .htpasswd files must be saved in unix format. For example, in Far Manager, this can be achieved if you press Shift + F2 in the file editing mode and select "in UNIX (LF) format" in the menu that appears.

Directives and a description of the .htaccess file used to restrict access

  • AuthType – The type of authentication used. For basic authentication, this directive should have the value: Basic.
  • AuthName – The name of the authentication scope. Text that helps the visitor understand where he is trying to access. For example, it might say: "Private zone. Only for administrator!".
  • AuthUserFile – full path to the password file (.htpasswd). Relative paths will not work.
  • AuthGroupFile – path to the groups file, if one exists.
  • Require – One or more requirements that must be met to gain access to a restricted area:
    • require valid-user – allowed access to all authenticated users
    • require user admin alex mango – only visitors with the names admin, alex, mango are allowed access. Naturally, they must be authenticated
    • require group admins – allowed access to all users from the admins group


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