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How to analyze the keyword density of competitor sites?

When you decide to write content for your site, it’s important for you to understand what keywords you need to use and how often they should be repeated in the text so that after indexing these pages rank well in a Google search.

Our tool allows you to analyze competitor sites from Google search results for the keyword you are interested in (the subject of your text). Using the Google TOP Keyword Density Analyzer, you will get a list of the most frequent words that appear in the texts of your competitors for the keyword you are interested in. Based on these statistics, it will be possible to understand how much text is needed and which keywords need to be used most often, and which less often.

The analysis is based on a selection of sites on request from the TOP 10 of the Google search engine.

Semantic analysis of a specific page of a site can be carried out using this free tool >>

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User_6d904e03 User_6d904e03
17.09.2022 18:56:56

amazing tools selection


Admin Admin
21.09.2022 20:12:13

Thank you, we tried! )


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