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We are looking for new employees to join SiteAnalyzer team

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SEO Optimizer / Linkbuilder (Outreach specialist)


  • Search blogs, forums, and Q&A sites for SEO topics.
  • Communication with blog authors and webmasters regarding the information placement (articles and promo materials) on their resources.
  • Registration on forums and Q&A sites, writing comments and publications, with the subsequent link placement on the SiteAnalyzer website.
  • Search for thematic sites on social networks and write comments.
  • Select donor sites according to specified parameters.
  • Carry out research and analytics of competitors link building strategies (work with Ahrefs, Similarweb, SEMrush, etc.).
  • Monitor the placement of backlinks, compile reports on the work performed, and the strategy of link building.


  • Experience with similar software/online tools/web services for analysis and site audit.
  • Minimum manual link building experience: you should know how to place links, including using html, to determine the quality of a link donor, understanding the criteria for evaluating the quality of sites, and the ability to create a competent accompanying text for the link.
  • Ability to perform large volumes of typical tasks, the willingness to work, even if it’s monotonous.
  • Experience in SEO would be an advantage (at least you must know the theory).
  • Upper-intermediate English (for working with foreign resources).
  • The ability to analyze and structure information, perseverance, pedantry, and should be a confident Excel/Google Sheets user.

What we offer:

  • Constant workflow to keep you busy!
  • Remote work, without the need to visit the office. Your location, gender, and age are not important, the main thing is to timely deliver high-quality work.
  • Professional growth and expertise in LinkBuilding/Outreach.

Delphi Programmer


  • Participation in the development of SiteAnalyzer and other software products in Delphi.
  • Software testing.


  • Experience in software development on Delphi at least 2 years.
  • Experience in developing multi-threaded applications.
  • Knowledge of OOP technologies.
  • Knowledge of SQL, understanding the architecture of the DBMS (transactions, indexes, views, packages, stored procedures, triggers).
  • Experience with version control systems.
  • Ability to read the "other people's" code.

The plus will be:

  • Basic knowledge: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Linux.
  • Experience in developing client-server software.
  • Ability to work with the object model of MS Office documents (Word, Excel).
  • Ability to work with XML, XSLT.

What we offer:

  • Interesting and extraordinary tasks with the possibility of self-development and continuous growth together with qualified programmers.
  • Remote work. Your location, gender, and age are not important, the main thing is to deliver the work on time according to the agreed technical specifications.
  • Bonuses for quality work.


If you get interested in one of our vacancies, please contact us through the feedback form and we will consider your application!

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