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SiteAnalyzer 3.0 - Upgrade to the paid version, filter by Domain TOP and Anchor

What’s New in Version 3.0 (build 418)

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2023-09-24 | Time to read: 4 minutes
Author: Simagin Andrey

Hello everybody! In the new version of SiteAnalyzer, we shift the software to the paid version, added a graph for the TOP domains, added a graph for the distribution of anchors by the number of words, added the ability to change the alias of projects. Also made corrections to already existing algorithms of the program. Let's take a closer look in details to the new version.

SiteAnalyzer 3.0

Major Changes

1. Switching the program to the paid version

In the new version of SiteAnalyzer we have made the transition to the paid version. Starting from now the program will be available according to the Freemium model (the free version with restrictions and the paid version, without any restrictions).

SiteAnalyzer, Registration 1

SiteAnalyzer, Registration 2

We hope this model will help us to develop the program more efficiently and the cost of the license will not scare current loyal users and will be very competitive for new and potential customers.

The cost of one license is $190 only.

When purchasing three or more licenses we offer a scale of discounts (for example, when buying five licenses, the price of each will comprise $170).

When purchasing two or more licenses we offer a scale of discounts

The pricing policy and licensing rules of SiteAnalyzer is on this page and in our personal account.

2. Free version

We have left the free trial version mode so that everyone can use it but with some restrictions:

  • Limit on the number of projects.
  • Limit on the number of URLs in the project.
  • Limit on the number of threads.

SiteAnalyzer, Tariff

You can learn more about the differences between the paid and free versions in your personal account.

3. Description of licensing options

  • When the program is first launched the user is assigned the «Demo» tariff by default where there are restrictions on the number of projects as well as URLs and threads.
  • After registering on the site an activation key becomes available to the user in personal account, with which a «Personal» tariff is activated where limits on projects and threads are increased.
  • The «partnership» tariff is a free version of a paid license. You can switch to it after reaching 20 or more attracted customers. Clients are attracted through our partnership program.
  • When purchasing a paid license all current restrictions are removed.

SiteAnalyzer, About

4. Changing the alias of projects

The project menu has added the ability to assign each project an arbitrary name. For example, in order to distinguish projects or avoid duplicates or just for easier navigation through them. If the alias is not specified, the domain itself is displayed.

SiteAnalyzer, Changing the alias of projects

5. Anchor distribution graph

Added a graph for the distribution of anchors on the project by the number of words. The tool determines the percentage of links with one, two, three or more words in anchors.

SiteAnalyzer, Anchor distribution schedule

If the links are put down naturally, then backlinks with a one-word anchor prevail then there is a decline.

6. TOP external domains

Added a graph of the distribution of links to external domains

SiteAnalyzer, TOP external domains

Thus, for better site optimization, it is possible now to analyze the most frequently mentioned links to external domains on the graph.

7. Info Panel

Added the display of pages in the Info panel for the «TOP 30 anchors» and «TOP external domains» reports.

SiteAnalyzer, Info Panel

Other Changes

  • On the «SEO Statistics» tab the operation of the «Duplicates H1» filter was optimized.
  • Fixed not correct counting of duplicates on the «SEO Statistics» tab.
  • Fixed incorrect display of Page Speed metrics received via Google API.
  • Bug «TProgressBar property out of range» occurring when scanning projects was fixed.
  • Fixed data disappearing in the Info panel that occurs when clicking on a cell other than the «URL» one.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect determination of the nesting level of pages (now it is counted by the number of clicks from the main page).
  • Improved page encoding detection when parsing sites.

Prospects and plans for further development

In the short-term development program we plan to add integration of SiteAnalyzer with Analytics systems Google, Bing, Yandex and Ahrefs, add the possibility of a full rendering of sites using JavaScript, to make the program more stable and also add many other useful add-ons.

We will be glad to receive your comments and suggestions on the matter and development of the functionality of the program.

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