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SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools browser Extension, for Chrome and Firefox

Free online proxy checker allows mass analysis of IPv4 and IPv6 proxy list for availability, as well as getting response time in milliseconds.

Add proxy format

There are two proxy formats: public and private (with login and password).

  • Format for public proxies (without login and password):
    • ip:port
  • Format for private proxies (with authorization by login and password):
    • ip:port:user:password

Checking the list of anonymous proxies, as well as individual proxies with authorization by login and password, is free of charge, the results of the checks are not transmitted anywhere.

Checker features:

  • Checking the availability of IPv4 and IPv6 proxies
  • Ability to check anonymous proxies with authorization by login and password
  • Determination of the country and city by IP address
  • Determining Server Response Time
  • High check speed

Why test proxies

Validity check is necessary to filter out low-quality or non-working proxies. Poor-quality proxies can be slow proxies, the connection through which will exceed a reasonable time (more than 5 seconds). Non-working proxies will not allow you to download content from the Internet at all.

Our checker will identify such low-quality proxies and highlight all working IP addresses, after which they can be exported to Excel, and, for example, sorted by server response time.

P.S. We do not recommend using free proxies without authorization by login and password, as they are often slow or inoperative, and most importantly, with an insecure protocol, as a result of which your traffic will be available to their owner.


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