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BatchURLScraper is designed to extract data from web pages according to a list of URLs. The app supports parsing and data extraction using XPath, CSSPath, XQuery, HTML templates and Regex methods.

BatchURLScraper, parsing and free data extraction from sites

Configuring data extraction rules

Data extraction rules, XPath, CSSPath, Regex, XQuery

Test Rules

Test rules

General Settings

Scraper, Parser settings, Proxy Servers lists

Terms of use: Freeware

Key Features

  • Data parsing and extraction from a list of URLs
  • Parsing by XPath, CSSPath, XQuery, HTML templates and Regex extraction methods
  • Proxy lists support
  • Export reports to Excel (CSV format)

Differences From Analogues

  • Multithreading and quick data scraping
  • Portable format (works without installation from any internal or external storage drive)
  • Freeware

Version History

The BatchURLScraper software is implemented in SiteAnalyzer as a separate module and will not be further developed in its current form. Read more...

Version 1.4 (build 29), 27.04.2021:

  • fixed program freezing if data for one of the rules was not found

Version 1.4 (build 28), 25.02.2021:

  • fixed incorrect work of the program with threads
  • the number of URL validation errors should be significantly less

Version 1.4 (build 27), 08.12.2020:

  • fixed error with validation of HTML templates
  • optimized work with regular expressions
  • we added ability to ignore duplications in scraping results

Version 1.4 (build 26), 07.12.2020:

  • fixed problem with not correct using pauses between requests to web pages
  • range of pauses between requests has been extended to one and a half minutes
  • finalized and improved translation
  • fixed memory leaks

Version 1.3 (build 25), 26.11.2020:

  • expanded the number of pages for parsing from 1000 to 5000 URLs
  • added the ability to scrape through HTML templates
  • added the ability to extract data through CSSpath attributes
  • added the ability to scrape through External and Internal HTML
  • added the ability to use Proxy Servers lists
  • fixed bug with incorrect User-Agent saving

Version 1.2 (build 19), 17.11.2020:

  • we added scraping method via XQuery
  • we optimized HTML parsing
  • we optimized filter settings for data extraction
  • we optimized setting of presets for parsing
  • we added a module for testing parsing rules

Version 1.1 (build 12), 04.11.2020:

  • we added multithreaded data parsing and extraction from a list of URLs (up to 10 threads simultaneously)
  • we added flexible filters for data extraction
  • we added export reports to Excel (CSV)

Version 1.0 (build 6), 29.10.2020:

  • data parsing and extraction from a list of URLs
  • XPath, CSSPath, and RegExp data extraction methods support
  • customizable parsing presets

Minimum system requirements

– 1 GHz (recommended 3 GHz and more)
– 1 GB RAM (recommended 8 GB and more)
– Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP
– Internet


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