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SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools

Onpage Content Analysis

Analyze Your Web Pages and Make Them Better

SiteAnalyzer SEO Tools browser Extension, for Chrome and Firefox

This web page analyzer allows you to analyze site pages for their compliance with the recommendations of search engines for optimizing the content and meta tags of web pages.

As you know, the total size of the page content and the density of keywords placed on it (as well as the density of keys in meta tags) play an important role in ranking a website in search engine results. If the density of keywords on the page is low, the website will have low positions. If the percentage of occurrences of keys on the page, on the contrary, is too important, the site may fall under the filter or be completely excluded from the index database.

Thus, after analyzing the Title tag, Description, H1-H6 headers, examining the density of keywords in the content and analyzing all the internal and external links on the web page, we can optimize it to maximize compliance with the requirements of search engines.

Content analysis general recommendations:

  • recommended count of word repetitions in page content – no more than 3-5%
  • all external links should be closed with the tag "nofollow"

Check out your pages for main SEO parameters availability!


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