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Setting up a Google region through the UULE parameter

The UULE region parameter (&uule=) of the Google search engine allows you to see the actual search results by region, which corresponds to geolocation when directly located in an arbitrary region (in other words, it is possible to get search results for your region of interest in your browser without the need for additional plug-ins (GeoClever and the like)) or directly physical presence in the region). A detailed UULE generation algorithm is described on the MOZ.

UULE using example:

Then we add the parameter to the original Google request "&uule=w+CAIQICIeTmFudGVzLFBheXMgZGUgbGEgTG9pcmUsRnJhbmNl" and get the output for "Nantes, France" in the bottom of the Google search results.

Request example "buy iphone 11" in the Nantes: https://www.google.com/search?...&uule=w+CAIQI...hbmNl

Google Region Settings via UULE

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