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How to find out the site engine?

The service is designed to determine the CMS site and group of sites in automatic online mode.

Often, the webmaster needs to find out which CMS (site content management system) is installed on a particular web resource. This is necessary if the webmaster liked this or that site and he wants to find out the capabilities of the site management system, and perhaps having got acquainted with it closer to start using it already on his projects. Or he needs to parse data from the site, and to understand which blocks to take from this site, he needs to somehow find out which CMS is on the site. This is the problem that our online service solves.

Determining the type and name of CMS is by searching for specific patterns in the source code of the site pages. Thus, this service allows you to determine in one click the CMS on which dozens of sites of interest work for you without studying the source code of the pages and the specifics of various site management systems.

If the content management system you are using is not in our database, you can write to us through the feedback form and we will add your CMS to our list.

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