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Bulk Redirect Checker


Server response

URL Header and Redirect Checker

Using this tool, you can check which response code the server returns when accessing one of its pages. For regular pages, the HTTP 200 (OK) code should be returned, for non-existing pages this code should be equal to 404 (Not found). There are also other server response codes, such as: 301 / 302 redirects, 403, 500, 503, etc.

In addition to the response code itself, the script displays all the headers that the server gives (response code, time on the server, type of server and its contents, presence of redirects, etc.).

Thus, you can check the literacy of the site (server) settings. If all pages give the correct values, then the site is configured correctly, and this, together with many other factors, has a positive effect on the ranking of the site in search engines.

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