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Often, an SEO optimizer may need to check for the presence of backlinks previously put on his website (for example, it could be a previously made link exchange, posting on forums, etc.), since over time such links can disappear (uncleanness of webmasters, cleaning forums moderators, etc.). Therefore, to have on hand an up-to-date list of "live" backlinks to your site, you can use this service: enter the URL of the acceptor site (to whom the links go) and below the list of donor sites.

After checking the relevance of backlinks, the tool will determine which URLs lead to your site and which do not already contain them.

Backlink Analysis Technique

This tool searches for the entry of the desired URL both in hyperlinks and in the text of donor pages (i.e. if the link to the acceptor is in text form, the script will also consider the search result positive).

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