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 Limitation: no more than 150 pages of the site
To check sites with the number of pages from 150 and more, use our free program SiteAnalyzer >>

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What Does the Broken Links Checker Do?

Broken links are hyperlinks that lead to nonexistent files or pages of a resource. Broken links can have a negative impact on the usability and ranking of your site. Broken URLs Checker Tool allows you to identify all dead links (the HTTP response "404 error not found") on your website.

How to Find Broken Links

Regular quality check of dead links is necessary for effective website promotion. With the online tool Broken Links Checker you can check up to 150 pages for free and get a detailed report on the presence of broken links on the site.

Broken links are URLs that lead the user to blocked or inactive pages. When you click on such a link, a 404 error is displayed. In most cases, finding a large number of broken links on the site, the user stops going to this resource, and the search engine can lower the position of such a site in the search results. Therefore, the analysis of the site for dead links is an extremely important procedure that allows you to correct errors in time and prevent a decrease in the rating of pages.

The main causes of broken URLs:

  • incorrect address;
  • site structure has been changed or SEO-Friendly URL has been implemented;
  • the referenced file has been deleted or moved;
  • the retention period of the file to which the link has expired;
  • the addresses of the linked pages have been changed;
  • resource has been locked.

Why are Broken Links Bad?

There are only three main factors, but they are extremely important:

  • visitors leave the site;
  • search robots lower in the issuance of sites with a large number of broken links;
  • broken link can exist on the site for months and years, and thus reduce the conversion of the site.

How to Check the Website for Broken Links

With the Broken Links Checker tool you can check for dead links any site. This way of checking is much faster and more efficient than searching for broken URLs on your own. To use the service is absolutely simple:

  • enter the URL in the address bar;
  • run the scan;
  • wait for the result.

Comprehensive Report and Analysis Capabilities

Due to careful analysis, you will get a convenient report with a list of broken links. This report can be downloaded in CSV format for further processing in Microsoft Excel.

The results of the analysis of the server response codes will be presented to you in the form of linking pages with the donors and anchors of such links. By checking broken links, you will get detailed information about the links that match the 404 error code and recommendations for fixing them. These links, depending on the reason for their appearance, can be removed or corrected.

Search for broken links allows you to use a convenient online tool and get detailed information about the state of the site and the threat of reducing user loyalty.

Tool Restrictions

Page analysis is done as quickly as possible, so you can perform a large amount of work and check up to 150 pages, saving your time.

To check websites with the URLs count from 150 and more, use our free desktop crawler SiteAnalyzer >>


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