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16 site ranking factors in 2019

Detailed description of ranking factors in Google and Yandex

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2019-01-01 | Time to read: 7 minutes
Author: Simagin Andrey

Site ranking factors are the search engine's estimated parameters, which are used to calculate the significance of the site's pages and determine their position in organic ranking. The largest search engines today operate on thousands of such factors.

site ranking factors

In this study, we tried to collect all the major ranking factors that are relevant at the moment. At the end, a separate rating of parameters for Google is presented, which was built according to the own methodology of Hannah Paxton.

Main categories of factors

Detailed description of ranking factors

1. Availability of mobile version of the site / responsive design

2. High speed site loading and high-quality hosting

3. AMP pages for Google and turbo for Yandex

4. SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol

5. Traffic and direct visits to the site

6. Content and its quality

7. Useless pages and doubles

8. Quality and number of links

9. Meta tags and page headers

10. Usability

11. Coverage in the market and search results

12. SEO design and work with site structure

13. Home page

14. Quality images with ALT and TITLE

15. Social cues

16. Reputation management

TOP of the SEO ranking factors

seo ranking factors

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