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Checking the WHOIS data will help to obtain information about the domain name: IP, DNS, creation and registration date, as well as information about the domain owner and the deadline for its registration. Checking the domain for employment is a mandatory procedure that is carried out before registering a domain name. This is done by referring to a special WHOIS database, which contains information about all registered domain names.

Domain Whois Lookup use more than 50 domain zones for checking host information: com, ae, aero, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, bh, biz, br, ca, cat, ch, cl, cn, co, co, coop, cz, de, edu, es, eu, fi, fj, fm, fr, hu, ie, il, in, info, int, ip, ip, ir, is, it, jp, lt, lu, ly, me, mobi, museum, mx, name, nl, nu, nz, org, org, pl, pro, pt, ro, ru, рф, sc, se, si, su, tel, travel, uk, us, ve, ws, xxx, za, zanet.

You can mass check the age of domains on this page. Also, on our Domain Generator tool, you can generate a domain name and check the possibility of its registration.


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