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Free Web SEO Crawler

Search Suggestions Scraper allows you to quickly download a list of Google search phrases for interest keywords online. Our free keyword suggestion tool can find new keywords for semantic core of your website. These are the keywords which users see and choose if it somehow matches their query.

Most webmasters and bloggers know what search suggestions are and their importance in the search engine promotion of the site. Google search suggestions can serve as a good source of targeted traffic for your site. Competent use of keywords and their variants of hints in your articles bring additional search traffic. Search suggestions in some cases, can be even more effective than keywords.

Collect Google suggestions better automatically using programs or services. Very convenient and fast, you can spend the parsing of the suggestions by using our free service.

For some keywords from the suggestions, the competition is much less than for their key queries. Therefore, there is a certain sense to collect Google search suggestions to expand the semantic core of the site.

In Search Suggestions Scraper it is possible to specify negative keywords to exclude hints found.

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