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14.05.2023 - Andrey
Compared to paid counterparts almost no inferior functionality. The visualization and calculation of PageRank is just top. I can't find the MAC version, but I've already put up with it )

10.03.2023 - David Weatherspoon
It's like Scream Frog Got Open-Source Face Transformed.

25.01.2022 - Vincent Lahaye
Nice alternative to screaming frog!

14.05.2021 - Selwyn
Guys, Thank you so much for this excellent tool (BatchURLScraper). I have spent two weeks testing scraping tools, Google Sheets, Excel and I managed to learn, set up and run this tool in about an hour. I have just successfully completed a run of 5,000 URL's. The software is intuitive, responsive and beautifully designed. Thank you.

15.01.2021 - webtek3
Hello, first of all I want to make my compliments to you for your excellent SEO software. I think it's a gem considering all the features provided and plus it's free!

25.08.2019 - nichexposure
Damm it how I missed it. I am a big-time fan of Screaming Frog, and I can see this one. I added it to my go-to list directly.

19.07.2019 - Wolston
I just downloaded your software and it was simply amazing. It quickly captured all the broken links that I wanted to check. I haven't delved into other parts but I can tell that this is a solid tool. Really appreciate you keeping it free. Thank you.

12.07.2019 - Husam Alfas
Great Software, The best screaming frog seo spider free alternative, keep the great work

11.07.2019 - Shamil
Very cool program! Thanks to the developers! I will support the project while I will use it!

08.05.2019 - kveldulv

05.04.2019 - dimkoku

20.12.2018 - yoziktyoma

16.10.2018 - Svetlana

12.10.2018 - Kaloyan Petkov
优秀的软件的在线搜索。 这是我的工具,用于检查的网站。 强烈建议所有。 谢谢你们为这个伟大的软件产品,分发免费的!

11.10.2018 - Nikolaev Alex
体面的程序良好的功能。 ScreamingFrog是一个伟大的选择! 多谢谢你的团队开发的。

24.08.2018 - Max
美好的一天! 我要感谢你SiteAnalyzer! 功能性的、舒适和方便使用的软件

13.08.2018 - barmaley93
真的很好的软件。 不需要安装。

26.06.2018 - megabizland

19.06.2018 - barmaley93
谢谢你与我们分享您自由应用程序。 我知道,这将是有益在未来的需要

15.06.2018 - superb

25.04.2018 - Mihail Ludchak
好的软件。 谢谢你

28.03.2018 - vladyha.11
谢谢你对你的工作! 一个伟大的免费软件!

07.01.2018 - VitUrzh
由于提交人的程序! 一直在寻找的东西那样。

21.11.2017 - Ramzzes
谢谢你,它的工作。 鉴于没有坚果。

06.10.2017 - salaev
一个简单的和令人愉快的程序。 谢谢你。

29.09.2017 - Zegeberg

25.09.2017 - RedBird